Redacted (2007)



United States



Brian De Palma

Abigail Savage, Adel Odai, Daniel Stewart Sherman, Dhiaa Kahlil, Francois Caillaud, Hameed Sahi, Helen Zamel, Hiyam Abdel Karim, Issam Shamary, Izzy Diaz, Jafar Zoubi, Julie Thiery, Karima Attayeh, Kel ONeill, Mike Figueroa, Nick Seeley, Ohad Knoller, Paul Hijazin, Paul OBrien, Qazi Freihat, Yanal Kassay, Zahra Zubaidi

Inspired by real events and the ever-emerging realities of an on-going war, "Redacted" explores the consequences of placing a group of young American soldiers into a morally ambiguous universe. Pushed to their very limits, the film portrays the tragic events surrounding a US army squad that targets and persecutes an innocent Iraqi girl and her family, culminating in a brutal rape and murder. The film addresses the innocent casualties of war and reveals the general helplessness surrounding the war in Iraq. A fictional version of the truth, "Redacted" forces the viewer to question the filters through which we see and accept events in our world. Ultimately, "Redacted" begs the question: Once we know the truth, what is the value of war and the worth of all its tragedies?


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